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Reinriesling "Franz" 2022 late vintage,

This good wine developed under spontaneous fermentation, without any advanced treatment, followed by 4 month adolescence in an acacia barrel. The late vintage "Franz" containing 6,2 g acidity and 13,3% alcohol, was filled in a classic 0,75 liter glass bottle and sealed with a premium cork.

Gemischter Satz (field blend) "Hedy" 2022 off-dry,

A classic field blend without any advanced treatment who developed 9 g residual sugar and just 4,8 g acidity due to a fermentation stop. This wine is enjoyable and round to drink, has a full taste and a bit of a "süßerl" (sweety).

Grüner Veltliner 2021

Gemischter Satz Kabinet 2021 sold out

Neuburger Kabinet 2021

Rheinriesling Kabinet 2020

Rosé 2021

Blauburger 2020

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